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Bio-Waste to Energy (BW2E)

A simple, reliable, proven technology to process waste water sludge into a non-waste fuel, with a calorific value similar to that of coal.

Electricity can be produced through gasification of the non-waste fuel, as part of an integrated waste to energy system, or undertaken on an ‘as required’ basis.

A Two Phase BW2E Process


Phase 1

Treatment of bio-waste (typically waste water sludge) and processing into SEEfuel, a non toxic, non combustible, USEPA approved non-waste fuel, which can be co-fired with coal in conventional fossil fuel power plants, improving the efficiency of the burn, lowering emissions and improving energy yield.


Phase 2

Gasification of SEEfuel to produce syn-gas for combustion, to generate heat and power.
(Heat is recovered for the drying process in Phase I).

SEEfuel Mass Balance

Pennsylvania Test Site

Mobile SEEfuel Plant

Waste to Fuel Production Facility Pennsylvania, USA