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Technology Advantages


Modular design

The SEEM waste to energy process comprises two separate phases; i) SEEfuel production and, ii) gasification and power generation. Multiple units of both phases can be constructed and operated to run in parallel. This implementation and operations system can accommodate any volume of available feedstock.


The modular design and construction of the two phases means that processing and generation facilities can be easily expanded, through the addition of supplemental fuel production and/or power generation streams on the same site, as space will allow.


The equipment utilised in the SEEfuel production process is readily available, ‘off-the- shelf’ and is commonly used in other industries such as cement production. Key components include: Mixers, Storage Silos, Driers, Conveyors, Duct and Pipework, Cooling Tower, Filters.

Smart Control

The SEEfuel production process is computer controlled and operation requires little training.
Start-up and shut-down times are short, unlike competitor technology, which enables both batch and process operation. The SEEfuel production process is fast (approx.15 minutes).

Easy Maintenance

The plant and equipment used in the SEEfuel production process is comprised of rugged, ‘off-the-shelf’ plant and equipment, frequently used in industries such as cement production. As such, the equipment is robust and simple, which positivity impacts maintenance frequency and cost. Plant operation and maintenance requires little manpower and time and spare parts are readily available.

No Dioxin Emissions

SEEfuel plant operations do not release dioxins to the atmosphere.

No NIMBY Problem

Plants can be constructed discretely and operated in a negative pressure environment to eliminate odour emissions. The technology itself immediately neutralises odours, with only the release of small quantities of ammonia, which disperse rapidly.

The fuel production process incorporates a drying system which, is not susceptible to spontaneous combustion, unlike competing technologies.

SEEfuel can be stored safely, easily and cheaply in a dry environment.