Sustainable Eco Energy Management Ltd

Sustainable Eco Energy Management Ltd (“SEEM”) is a biowaste-to-energy, (“BW2E”), technology implementation business, offering world leading solutions for the safe treatment and disposal of bio-organic waste. The Company’s technologies focus upon two market segments:

Treatment of bio-waste

Firstly, the treatment of bio-waste, including: waste-water sludge; food cultivation and processing waste; farm/animal waste; and, if required, the generation of heat and power in a two phase process.

Energy Storage

Secondly, energy storage, in the form of a US EPA designated non-waste fuel (‘SEEfuel’) produced in the Company’s bio waste treatment process, as well as robust and reliable systems using batteries and compressed air to store renewable energy.

Technology and Solutions

Bio-Waste to Energy (BW2E)

A simple, reliable, proven technology to process waste water sludge into a non-waste fuel, with a calorific value similar to that of coal.

Electricity can be produced through gasification of the non-waste fuel, as part of an integrated waste to energy system, or undertaken on an ‘as required’ basis.

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