Strategic Partnership and Cross Marketing Agreement with IVICSA

Strategic Partnership and Cross Marketing Agreement with IVICSA

The Directors of Sustainable Eco Energy Management Ltd., (“SEEM”) are delighted to announce that the Company has executed a Strategic Partnership and Cross Marketing Agreement with IVICSA SA. (, an established and well respected engineering and design consulting firm, headquartered in Valencia, Spain.

IVICSA has an extensive international track-record in the design, consultancy and project management of infrastructure asset development in the transportation (rail, seaports, airports, roads, bridges), water treatment and distribution, waste management and urban construction sectors. The Company has an extensive presence in Latin America, with offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay, as well as technical partnerships in Argentina, Chile and Peru, Poland and Turkey. IVICSA has a strong and highly generative business network in Latin America, which compliments that of SEEM in the Middle and Far East.

In addition, IVICSA is co-owner of technology in municipal waste bio-stablisation, which removes odour from general waste, produces a solid recovered fuel (‘SRF’) and extracts metals which, can re-cycled. This process is complimentary to our SEEfuel process and enables us to offer a complete waste solution to prospective clients.

Our Strategic Partnership Agreement, allows IVICSA to represent SEEM’s technologies in Spain, North Africa and Latin America. SEEM will represent IVICSA in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, Far East and South Asia. Marketing in the US will be undertaken jointly.

IVICSA will also assist SEEM in project design, procurement and development. Projects will be undertaken jointly, on terms to be agreed between SEEM and IVICSA on a case by case basis. SEEM may also advise IVICSA, as a consultant, on project financing, not only for joint waste to energy/waste to fuel projects, but also for other infrastructure projects secured by IVICSA, on an ad hoc basis.

IVICSA has close connections to municipal authorities in Spain, including for water and waste management. INVICSA will market SEEM technologies, including for energy storage, to existing water treatment plants in Spain, beginning with those in the Valencia region. IVICSA will also market SEEM technologies to the owners of water treatment plants in Latin America, including those for which, IVICSA has acted as design consultant and project manager.

Chairman & CEO, SEEM, Michael Burton-Prateley commented:

I am delighted to announce the formation of a Strategic Partnership with IVICSA. This relationship delivers important capabilities for the marketing and implementation of SEEM technologies globally, particularly in Latin America, where we lack significant experience and a broad contact/marketing network. In addition, this partnership adds a compelling technology to our portfolio, enabling us to deliver highly effective and proven solutions for prospective client’s bio and municipal solid waste problems. IVICSA’s bio-waste stabilization technology will have particular resonance in Cambodia for example.”

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